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Sky Web3 Vision

Overview and Summary
日本語(JP)版はこちらです Sky Web3 Visionホワイトペーパー
Sky Web3 Vision is an initiative to release various products centered on decentralized finance (DeFi).
We aim to expand the number of users participating in the Sky economy and increase our market share by proceeding with the project with the following three phases as our starting points.
The people who are playing the major role in this not us, but all of you as participants, and we will work for the benefit of all users involved in Sky Web3 Vision.

Phase 1. Sky Hedge Fund and membership pass (NFT) launch

In Phase 1, we will establish a Sky Hedge Fund, where the revenue generated through Sky Web3 Vision will be managed and invested by the Sky Hedge Fund, and the profits will be passed on to our stakeholders.
As the first phase of the launch, Sky Membership Passes (NFT) will be sold in the form of an Initial NFT Offering (INO). The pass will have a permanent revenue sharing feature for the initial NFT purchaser (minter) and NFT staker, respectively, and will be closely tied to Phase 2 and 3 revenue.
For more information, please refer to Sky Membership Pass NFT

Phase 2. SKY STOCKS launch

In Phase 2, we will launch SKY STOCKS, which will earn SKY as an incentive for LP(Farming) and provide DeFi with low slippage due to high liquidity.
DeFi fee revenue will be returned to the membership pass and bribe pool to further incentivize voting activity by veSKY holders (SKY lock holders).
For more information, please refer to Phase 2.SKY STOCKS

Phase 3. Sky Dollar launch

In Phase 3, we will launch Sky Dollar, implementing a number of utilities through SkyUSD, which is convertible to $1. It will expand and contract dynamically according to the size of the economy and business climate, with the expansion phase bringing many benefits such as revenue sharing.
The biggest difference between SkyUSD and other algorithmic stablecoins is that it is 100% asset-backed.
For more information, please refer to Phase 3.Sky Dollar


Sky Web3 Vision values and is inspired by the following protocols:
  • Solidly on Fantom
  • Velodrome on Optimism
  • Chronos on Arbitrum
  • Equalizer on Fantom
  • Hermes on Metis
  • THENA on BSC
Each chain has a representative ve(3, 3), which is growing and involving many projects between protocols. ve(3, 3) creates stable liquidity and bribes by becoming a hub for each chain or a gateway for chains to enter the market. Sky Web3 Vision is inspired by these projects, and by building ve(3, 3) to provide stable liquidity on polygon, we hope to get Sky Web3 Vision off to a solid start as it grows with you.


All figures and specifications are not guaranteed to be definitive. They are subject to change for improvement without notice.
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