NFT utility

Benefits of Sky Membership Pass

💎Minter’s utility

If the Sky membership pass is minted (original minter), the utility is as follows:

1.SKY airdrop allocation

18% of the initial airdrop allocation of SKY will be allocated to the original minter. The breakdown is 30% SKY and 70% veSKY.
For more information on initial airdrops, please refer to SKY tokenomics Initial Airdrops

💎Staker’s utility

The utility for staking a Sky membership pass (staker) is as follows:

1.AMM fee distribution

Fee and Bribe revenues generated by AMM are distributed to NFT Stakers The percentage of dividends distributed weekly from the NFT Staking Pool to Stakers is as follows:
  • 1st to 3rd month: 20%
  • 4th to 6th month: 15%
  • 7th month and thereafter: 10%