SkyUSD Tokenomics

Overview of SkyUSD
Name:SkyUSD Ticker:SkyUSD Chain:Polygon Decimal:18 Contract:In prepration Maximum supply volume:100,000,000 (*1) Initial Issue Volume:3,000,000
*1 There is room for supply to change in the future.

Breakdown of initial issuance volume

  • Token sale: 2,500,000
    • Community: 1,000,000
    • Launchpad: 1,000,000
    • VC: 500,000
  • Sky hedge fund: 300,000
  • Liquidity supply: 200,000

Special feature

  • Convertibility:
    $1 per SkyUSD redemption rate is secured; the Sky hedge fund always holds a redemption reserve for redemption (except for locked SkyUSD, which is locked). (Locked SkyUSD will be put into fund management).
  • Risk control:
    The ability to redeem tokens limits volatility and facilitates risk control compared to tokens that have no monetary backing.
  • Circulation as a stable currency:
    Due to the above features, there are expectations that SkyUSD will be listed on exchanges and adopted as a pegged currency compared to general tokens.

Burn mechanism

When SkyUSD is redeemed, SkyUSD is burned. This ensures that the amount of SkyUSD in circulation and the redemption reserve are always in balance.