Initial Airdrop

Breakdown of initial issuance volume

We have decided that the total amount for the Initial Airdrop will be 50M. The following percentages will be applied to this amount.

Protocol Airdrop (veSKY)

17% of the initial supply will be dedicated to airdrops to the Sky Web3 Vision cooperative protocol.

Airdrop to protocol is 4 years locked veSKY.

The list of protocols that will receive airdrops will be announced to the community as soon as it is finalized.

Airdrop for users(SKY / veSKY)

22% of the initial supply is allocated by loyal users and their own self- and other recommendations, as well as by social media campaigns.

1.Royal user

  • Long-term locking, staking

  • Holding token for a long term

  • Active engagement in the governance, community, etc.

  • Other; the act or attitude of dedication

2.Self-recommendation/recommended by others

Please recommend yourself or recommend users who you believe are eligible to receive airdrops.

Examples include, but are not limited to, the following activities:

  • Someone with a strong history of community involvement

  • Social Media Influencers

  • Persons who seem to have a deep interest in Sky Web3 Vision

  • Person whose involvement would increase the visibility of Sky Web3 Vision

  • A person with an abundance of wallet transactions

  • The basis for saying that airdropped SKY will not be sold immediately

You will receive a SKY and a veSKY locked for 4 years at 30:70.

  • SKY:50% can be billed immediately at launch; remaining 50% can be billed linearly over 3 weeks

  • veSKY:Billable immmediately at launch

Airdrop to Membership Pass NFT Minter(SKY / veSKY)

18% of the initial supply will be allocated to NFT minters.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • veSKY(locked for 4 years):30%

  • SKY(no locking):70%

DAO Fund and Ecosystem Grants

22% of the initial supply will be set aside in the DAO Fund to support a wide range of projects for the growth of Sky Web3 Vision.


18% of the initial supply will be distributed to the team and will be involved in the long-term development of Sky Web3 Vision.

Team Allocation Balance

  • veSKY(locked for 2 years):50%

  • SKY(Vesting straight line 4 years):50%

Initial LP

3% of the initial supply will be used to provide liquidity at launch.

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